Just a few kind words from our Clients!


Tracy and Kendall of T & K arts are more than skilled photographers. They are artists in the truest sense of the word. They have an amazing ability to capture feelings and emotions and to see wonderful stories in everyday things. The photos that they have taken of us, our art, our lifestyle and our ranch are not only great imagery, but are great stories and often lessons to be shared. T & K arts is professional, reliable, creative and fun.

Pablo Solomon Artist & Designer

Beverly Solomon Creative Director of Beverly Solomon Design

~ ~ ~

Working with T & K Arts was a great experience.  We’ve been trying to link up for years and I must say… it was worth the wait.  Thank you Tracy for the memorable experience-Love the Pics!

Mateo Aguirre, IG: mateo_af, Auspicious Fitness

~ ~ ~

Tracy is always enthusiastic and prepared for every shoot!  She usually has a team she’s working with and has it all story-boarded out.  She thinks of very creative shoot ideas at awesome locations and is always punctual! 😉

Lauren J Reed

~ ~ ~

Tracy made me feel comfortable for a nude photo shoot we did in public.  She was fun to work with and easy going.  We collaborated on a concept and the execution went well.  I would work with her again.

Brit Paige,  (541)543-0451, Brit Paige Studio at Fringe Salon

~ ~ ~

I met Tracy a few years ago on a photography meetup group and we’ve been friends ever since.  She is a great photographer who has been in this line of work for decades and it shows through her photography.  You can clearly see her passion through her work.  She’s an amazing person.

Trish Mistric
Trish Mistric Photography
~ ~ ~
Tracy is endless creativity.  I am always impressed with her inventiveness and photographic eye.  I owe her much.
Robert Mead
Robert Mead Photography
~ ~ ~
Tracy is a true professional with a great eye.  If you’re lucky enough to work with her, you will understand!  She is sharp, smart and knows exactly what she wants when creating and directing a shoot….And not too mention, she’s super creative!  I can’t wait for the next time I get to shoot with T & K Arts!
~ ~ ~
Working with Tracy is always such a joy! Thank you for your inspiration, your professionalism and your eye. You are truly an artist!
Koyote Howl, AKA Joe Segrest
~ ~ ~
Your body butter is AMAZING! I love the way it warms and soothes as it replenishes the moisture to my skin. And… I need more. Hook me up. 😉
Rebecca Knight
~ ~ ~
Your tea tree body butters are excellent even for the manliest of men.
Andrew White
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