Painting and Watercolor:

I have always been a creative person. Legos were my thing growing up, and Barbies, but I was never a drawer, it took too long and I got bored. I took the mandatory art classes and had fun, but would only make stuff for friends and family. It wasn’t until I was well out of school that I started getting into painting. 

I started out with one stroke flowers (google it), then in 2006 I moved to California. I bought my first set of acrylic paints and some canvas. I really didn’t know what I was getting into, it was a lot harder than I thought and nothing I pictured in my head come out on the canvas so I gravitated towards abstract. It was an instant creative fix and I loved it.

In 2008 I started working with watercolor pencils and after moving to Texas in 2010 I bought my first tubed watercolors. 


In 2010 I moved from California to Texas and since everything was packed up I didn’t have a creative outlet. 

I picked up a very rarely used Kodak point and shoot, it was low in mega Pixel (MP) size but it worked for what I needed. I went on some photography shoots around Sacramento with my mom and played around with the photos in Photoshop. Right before the move I upgraded my cell phone to a T-Mobile MyTouch (it was small and had a touch screen), it was ended up using to photography on the trip out to Texas. Now, the My Touch was no where close to anything a DSLR could put out but I just needed a camera, something I always had with me to use.

I have upgraded quite a bit since then, and I’m actually starting to use a real camera!  (YAY for me!)  I still really know nothing about aperture and ISO since it is all automatic and easily adjustable on my phone, but I’m learning.

I have been testing out some long exposure applications for the iPhone. If you have seen my blog post about Magic Shutter, you know, but I have also found a new one called NightCap. NightCap has been amazing! You can save in high resolution JPEG or TIFF! I have also edited with Lightroom, Aperture, CS5, or any number of Android or iOS applications (not all applications are available on both iOS and Android). As I moved up with cell phone, I started adding accessories. Companies like Photo JoJo came out with the Macro Cell Band (which is AMAZING!) as well as their branded Macro Lens that can be used on both Android and iPhone. Currently I am using the Olloclip Macro Pro Lens Set for the iPhone 7 Plus. I’m kind of a macro crazy person. I found that out after moving from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6 and could not longer use the previous lens combo. I was going insane! Anyway…I am still growing my portfolio and really want to work on landscapes next.

Cross Stitch:

I started out cross stitching because I had left over embroidery floss when making friendship bracelets. I had learned how to make cross stitch patterns when I was younger, but I didn’t want to get the hoop and fabric so I turned to watercolor paper instead. Check out my post here on how I do it!

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