TA Brown

Tracy’s love of capturing the world by photography, began in the elementary school stage of her life, while living in Japan.  It started with an old Kodak Brownie camera (which she still has) that gave her the opportunity to view the world through a different lens.  As she progressed, life’s challenges, more opportunities through raising a family and moving back to the United States including several moves between both coasts with stops along the way, permitted her dabbling to expand her horizons and explore more thoroughly the art of photography.

2005 brought many changes, allowing her to actively pursue photography as a profession.  Traveling all over California and Nevada, added a plethora of materials in B&W, color and digital images to her portfolio.  Her first gallery piece was sold in 2009 in Northern California:  she has never looked back since.  An interest in photographing the male form, lead her to explore the beauty of art in the male model:  something that is not captured near enough in photography.  Tracy has captured this style on locations from Puerto Rico and throughout the United States, as well as in the Studio.

Currently located in Texas, Tracy continues the craft of her art, by engaging in workshops, Meet-up groups, select studio shoots, invitationals and anywhere else the opportunity presents itself.  She sees passions, patterns and colors in the most mundane of ordinary life.  From derelict barns, to spines on a cactus, to the curvature of a bicep muscle: art is everywhere she looks.  Currently shooting in medium format, B&W, as well as digital and cell phone.  Her portfolio includes landscapes, models, musicians, urban decay, etc.

These last couple of years has seen her photography take another leap in evolving.  Making the transition to cell phone photography, but also keeping with her traditional film.  Having been printed, published and winning awards for photography, her work now hangs in select Galleries and Salons, as well as private collections.  She offers limited editions of select captures, and one of a kind originals.

Now she is about to embark on her greatest adventure in Photography.  Travel/Food Photography.  Stay Tuned, the Best is yet to come

Wandering the World, One Click at a Time.

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Instagram:  @NoBorderLens and @tnkarts